Month: February 2018

What’s Holding You Back?

February 2018 Blog Theme: Living on Mission The greatest hindrance to living outward is focusing inward. Not long ago, I sat in a restaurant with my friend, Greg, as we caught up on all the happenings in our families. I have known Greg for many years, stretching all the way back to when he was a […]

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Going Fishing

February 2018 Blog Theme: Living on Mission Fishing for people requires intentional relationships. “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men,” (Matthew 4.19 ESV). This was the invitation Jesus gave to His first followers. They had spent their entire lives learning from their fathers how to fish for a living. Now, Jesus was inviting […]

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Compelled by Love

February 2018 Blog Theme: Living on Mission Sharing the Gospel is motivated by love. Jesus came to earth because of our desperate need, but He also was compelled by His deep love for you and me. Love is what drove Him to the cross. Take a moment to reflect on the words Jesus shared with Nicodemus […]

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Living on Mission

February 2018 Blog Theme: Living on Mission You were made to make an eternal impact. God didn’t save you to simply live a life that was safe, predictable and cautious. He saved you to leave a legacy of faith — passed down from one person to another — that will change generations long after you are […]

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