Month: December 2019

One Big Question

I want you to imagine that you are sitting in a group and I am speaking. Now, imagine that I’m holding an apple in my hand…a red, clean, crisp apple. As I hold it up and everyone is looking I ask, “How many apples am I holding?” Faces stare with a matter- of-fact look, wondering […]

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The Bigger Vision

You were made for something more. What vision do you have for your life? How will you measure your success? While these questions are thought provoking, they are absolutely critical if you want to wring every bit of meaning and purpose out of the one life God gave you. You might say, “I want to […]

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Created for Community

The National Science Foundation conducted an extensive research project on loneliness in America. The findings were highlighted in the “American Sociological Review.” After interviewing over 1,500 people — all face to face — researchers reported that one out of four Americans said they had “no one with whom they could talk about their personal troubles […]

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