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How to Cultivate a Ministry Environment that Makes Disciples

You probably came across discipleFIRST because you were looking for resources to help you shift your ministry’s focus to towards disciple-making. You want to see your church healthy, thriving, and growing, and one of the reasons it’s probably not is because of the culture within your church. The good news is that church culture can […]

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Spiritual Training

On my 39th birthday, my life came full circle. I ran my first marathon in Dallas, Texas. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The race started with the blast of a shotgun held by a man wearing a cowboy hat and riding a horse. The race was on. Tens of thousands of runners […]

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How to Share the Gospel as an Introvert

One comment that we hear frequently is how hard it can be as an introvert to share the Gospel with people in your sphere of influence. Many think that introverts can’t share the Gospel as well as extroverts or that being an introvert excuses you from sharing the Gospel. It’s not to say we aren’t […]

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Busyness can choke out your effectiveness! It was the only time I’ve ever hit my mother-in-law. She was busily preparing a special luncheon, and I could tell she was a bit nervous. Her son was bringing home the girl he planned to marry, and this was going to be their first meeting. Suddenly the doorbell […]

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Are you investing in your community?

As a pastor, it can be easy to live on an island by yourself. The demands on pastors can be grueling. You have to be so many things for so many people and engage both your congregation and staff at deep levels. And sometimes, all you give can make you want to be able to […]

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3 Ways to Help Others Share the Gospel

In last week’s blog post, we discussed how fear can hold us back from what God has called us to: sharing the Gospel and making disciples.   It can be intimidating. For some, we are the first experience that people have with Christians. Our witness matters, deeply.   This week, we’re discussing three ways you […]

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Fear Paralyzes, but the Holy Spirit Makes Us Move

Fear can hold you back, but the Spirit can make you bold.   Probably the biggest excuse that keeps us from talking about Jesus is fear. We are afraid to talk to someone we don’t know. We are afraid of how they will respond. We are afraid of looking foolish or saying the wrong thing. […]

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3 Spiritual Disciplines That Will Change Your Church’s Culture

Last week on our blog, we asked if your church was healthy, and we got a number of responses from our email subscribers about their desire to see their church flourish in the name of Jesus. This week, we’re going to share three spiritual disciplines and ways you can challenge your church to practice.   […]

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Is Your Church Healthy?

Is your church healthy? That can feel like a loaded question, but we think it’s an important one to ask. Church health can have a skewed meaning in the eyes of the North American church. Many Christians look at the churches that have thousands of people attending each Sunday and think that’s the definition of […]

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How to Lead a Church That People Want to Commit to

Ministry would be a lot easier if there were a step by step handbook telling us how to lead our church… Wait. There is. The book of Acts isn’t just the apostles sharing the gospel and performing miracles. We see the very beginnings of the church and how it operated. We saw how committed the […]

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