Our Process

Our Process

The Multiply Phase

The Multiply Phase

In the Multiply Phase of our ministry we are training, equipping, and encouraging Disciple-Making churches to become a model for other churches to follow. As God continues His movement of Disciple-Making Churches across the world, discipleFIRST intends to continue to train, equip, and encourage these churches to continue in the strategy for ministry Jesus set in place over 2000 years ago. A few ways we will help Multiply ourselves are:

Church Partnerships

Invite Disciple Making Churches to come alongside discipleFIRST as host churches for Round Table Lunches, FlashPoint Disciple-Making Conferences, and Learning Communites.

Ministry Partnerships

Actively train, equip, and encourage our Ministry Partners and Sponsors to help them have a grasp on biblical Disciple-Making.

International Partnerships

Continue to partner with International Movements of Disciple-Making. Currently we are actively supporting our partners in a Disciple-Making movement in Zambia and surrounding countries.

More Information

If you would like to know more about joining discipleFirst in Multiplying Disciple-Making Churches locally and globally please click the More Information button below, fill out the information form, our staff will contact you soon.

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