Disciple-Making Churches

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Disciple First

discipleFIRST exists to multiply disciple-making churches locally and globally.

As an organization we long to see a disciple-making movement sweep through the hearts of Christ followers in the United States and around the globe. When looking at the statistics of church growth and attendance today, it is obvious that the church has abandoned the strategy set forth by Jesus over 2000 years ago. Through the life of Christ, we see a clear model laid out by Jesus where he instilled in his disciples the need to Walk with God, Reach the Lost, and Invest in a Few. It is the Investing in a Few where we see the Father’s plan to reach the world. Making Disciples that make disciples is what launched the early church into being, and yet today we have settled for our own strategies. As a result of our disobedience, we are seeing the decline of the North American Church and watching many pastors and church leaders become burned out in their efforts. It is critical for the Church to return to Disciple-Making as THE strategy to impact the world for Christ.

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