Month: April 2019

The Importance of Time with God

Imagine you are invited to the Oval Office to meet the President of the United States. Your heart begins to race with excitement. When will it happen? What should you do? How will you respond? What will he say? If that meeting was actually going to happen, you can rest assured there would be a […]

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Spiritual Training

On my 39th birthday, my life came full circle. I ran my first marathon in Dallas, Texas. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The race started with the blast of a shotgun held by a man wearing a cowboy hat and riding a horse. The race was on. Tens of thousands of runners […]

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Friend of Sinners

Reaching out starts with being a friend. Jesus was called a “friend of sinners.” Now that may sound like a compliment to us today, but back then it was intended to be an insult to the highest degree. The religious leaders of His day saw Jesus hanging out with people on the fringe of society […]

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Surrendering to the Spirit

Living with Jesus at the center is not easy. In fact, it’s a battle. Your old wayward, sinful self will fight every step along the way, but Jesus made a provision for you to enable you to yield to Him and follow Him completely. On the night before His death, Jesus spoke to His disciples. […]

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Move From Decisions to Disciples

A true disciple is a person who is devoted to Jesus, is developing the character and competencies of Jesus, and is deployed into the ministry of Jesus by reaching the lost and investing in a few. Jesus wanted 3D disciples. When I look at that definition of a disciple, it seems a bit overwhelming. How […]

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