Month: May 2019

How Do You Make Disciples?

“How Do You Make Disciples?”I love asking pastors that question. Not long ago, I sat around a conference table with several pastors, professors, and denominational leaders. We were all there to talk about discipleship. When the question was asked about how disciples are made, the thoughts were pretty vague and varied. Most said that getting […]

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The Power Of Commitment

We grow through commitments. Think about it. When you make a commitment to something, it leads you to a new place of growth and maturity. Maybe you’ve made a commitment to complete your education. It’s a struggle. It’s hard. But you follow through with your commitment and you grow as a result. Marriage is a […]

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The Attractiveness of Hospitality

Being a friend begins with hospitality. Levi hadn’t been a believer for long. He had just made the radical decision to leave behind his old life as a tax collector and follow Jesus, but his heart was still burdened for his friends who were far from God. He desperately wanted them to know Jesus the […]

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