What is a Cohort?

  • An Opportunity to be guided through the “Grow Series” by our discipleFIRST team
  • An Opportunity for a first-hand look at how a Grow Group should be led
  • An Opportunity to experience all the benefits of a disciple-making group with your peers or staff
  • An Opportunity to be trained how to use a reproducible tool to make disciples in your ministry

A Cohort meets once a week for an hour over the course of 9 weeks. Attendees work through the first book of the Grow Series,”Walk with God” plus a 1 session overview of books 2 and 3, via Teleconferencing software.  The cost is $249.00, which includes materials.

“I was blessed to be a part of the Cohort in our area.  For years now, the Lord has been directing me back to His commission to “make disciples.”  In seeking to obey Him, I stressed discipleship training classes for large groups in my church.  It did not take long to realize those classes were “good” but were not “making disciples.”  I realized disciple-making is not done in large groups, but in smaller groups (2 to 4 people).  I wrote my own curriculum.  However, my curriculum was intimidating to a new, immature believer.  The Cohort was what I have been looking for!  “Walk With God” is truly a practical guide to following Christ.  Most people like to “talk to God” but not everyone takes time to “hear from Him.”  The Cohort teaches how both are crucial in a Christian’s life.  On a personal note, the opportunity to have dialogue with other brothers in Christ was a blessing that I looked forward to each week.  I have heard pastors talk about being lonely in ministry.  I am convinced that a cure for loneliness is investing in other brothers in Christ.  This cohort is an excellent way to do that.” Jim Tate, Pastor Memphis Baptist Church, Dothan, Alabama
“I thought the Cohort was extremely beneficial! I really like the material and the direction you guys are headed. I also liked the fact that we didn’t just get handed material and a summary, but to interact and walk through the material which will help us to lead our own groups. I believe that many pastors and leaders have never been discipled by someone. I think this is a great opportunity to learn and grow as a leader. I would highly recommend the cohort as a catalyst to institute a discipleship culture in a church.  Thank you guys for all you do and for your investment in discipleship.” Jonathan Tomlin, Southside Baptist Church, Dothan, Alabama

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