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Jesus’ Bold Move

Anytime God wants to initiate something new, he calls one of his own to make a bold move. You can count on it.  It was certainly bold for Abraham to leave his retirement plans in Ur and venture out into an uncharted land. It was bold for David to face off against the giant, Goliath. […]

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How Traditions Can Affect Mission For Better—or For Worse

A disciple-making church is constantly evaluating the effectiveness of every program, event or initiative and asking the hard questions: “What part of the strategy is this accomplishing?” “Is this really working?” “Is there a better way to be more effective?” Traditions are not bad. In fact they can be incredibly powerful. We have certain traditions […]

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The Necessity of Moving from Individual to Team

Once a leader knows what a disciple looks like and understands Jesus’ four-step process for making disciples and begins to actively invest his life in people, then he is ready to raise up a team of disciple makers. Ministry is not something you do in isolation; rather it is something you do in community. Far […]

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Breaking Through Excuses

When I talk to leaders about personally investing in people, I often get a bit of push back. For some reason there is a resistance when it comes to personal investment in people. When I first became a pastor, I didn’t know much about how to invest in a man’s life. Most of my training […]

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Wake-Up Call

I’ll never forget sitting behind my desk staring at the report in front of me. It was my first time to be a lead pastor. I had come to this church from a growing suburban church in Texas that had plenty of leaders and resources, and now I was leading an inner-city church in Oklahoma […]

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What Apple Gets About Disciple Making

Not long ago I was in the Apple store working on my iPhone. A young lady was helping me—she probably looked to be in her early twenties. While she was working on my phone I starting talking to her about her job. I asked, “Have you been working here long?” “No, not really. Just a […]

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How Do You Make Disciples?

“How Do You Make Disciples?”I love asking pastors that question. Not long ago, I sat around a conference table with several pastors, professors, and denominational leaders. We were all there to talk about discipleship. When the question was asked about how disciples are made, the thoughts were pretty vague and varied. Most said that getting […]

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Spiritual Training

On my 39th birthday, my life came full circle. I ran my first marathon in Dallas, Texas. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The race started with the blast of a shotgun held by a man wearing a cowboy hat and riding a horse. The race was on. Tens of thousands of runners […]

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Friend of Sinners

Reaching out starts with being a friend. Jesus was called a “friend of sinners.” Now that may sound like a compliment to us today, but back then it was intended to be an insult to the highest degree. The religious leaders of His day saw Jesus hanging out with people on the fringe of society […]

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Surrendering to the Spirit

Living with Jesus at the center is not easy. In fact, it’s a battle. Your old wayward, sinful self will fight every step along the way, but Jesus made a provision for you to enable you to yield to Him and follow Him completely. On the night before His death, Jesus spoke to His disciples. […]

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