Cultivating a New Generation of Leaders The Call to Disciple-Making Leadership

Cultivating a New Generation of Leaders: The Call to Disciple-Making Leadership

Leadership is often synonymous with personal gain and recognition. However, true leadership goes beyond personal success to focus on investing in others and nurturing the future leaders.

Cultivating disciple-making leaders

The gospel’s call to create more leaders who can spread the message across the world resonates deeply with the essence of leadership. In John 15:8, Jesus emphasized the importance of multiplication through His disciples, setting a powerful example for leaders and disciple-makers to follow.
Organizations, including churches, must prioritize hiring employees who share their values and culture. When a superstar is brought in who does not resonate with the organization’s core principles, it can lead to conflicts and poor decision-making. This issue is particularly prevalent in churches, where the negative implications of celebrity culture have become apparent.

Jesus’ approach to disciple-making leadership

Jesus’ approach to leadership stands in stark contrast to the allure of celebrity and personal acclaim. He focused on the multiplication of His disciples and emphasized this concept in John 15, showing leaders that investing in others is more important than seeking personal glory.
Being an effective leader also means growing personally in your faith. While someone may have amazing ministry skills, true leadership requires a deep connection with Christ. A disciple-making leader puts building a personal relationship with Jesus first and consistently invests in others, going beyond simply appreciating volunteers.
The urgent need for disciple-making leaders who are committed to walking closely with Jesus and helping others grow cannot be overstated. It is important to intentionally develop habits and principles that foster spiritual growth and to encourage others to do the same.
The future of ministry depends on nurturing leaders behind the scenes, who multiply impact, rather than just focusing on celebrities or traditional programs. Effective leadership matters, no matter what’s happening around us. We need to focus on cultivating a new generation of leaders who are ready to shine the light of faith and disciple-making with unwavering dedication.
The call to disciple-making leadership is incredibly powerful and transformative—going beyond just personal gain to plant seeds of potential and growth within our communities and beyond.
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