Everything Has a Center

Everything Has a Center

Everything was created with a center, a core that drives motion. Some may call it their inner core or their purpose in my life. However you want to call it, it is something that drives you into doing what you do. It affects your daily life and your reason for living. 
Some may not know or may not realize what the center of their life is. Even if you’re just cruising through life, waiting for each day to start and end, you still have a center. You just need to think about it and look within yourself.

What is at the center of your life?

It’s an important question to think about. Whatever is at the center is the most important part of you. Like the hub of a wheel, it is what drives you, what empowers you, what consumes you.
For some people, their career is the center of their life. Nothing is more important than climbing the ladder of success or accomplishing their goals. For others, it’s a relationship. A boyfriend or girlfriend, a spouse or a child, maybe even a best friend consumes every waking thought and gives meaning to life. Whatever is at the center, is what you think about constantly and value the most.

Everyone has something at the center.

The smallest particles of matter have a center. Electrons perpetually encircle a center nucleus. Now think about the largest creations. Colossal planets in space also orbit a center. God created all things to revolve around a center, and God created you to have Jesus at the center of your life.
Following Jesus means making Him the center of your life — meaning everything else revolves around Jesus. This week we are going to look at what it means to make Jesus the center and how you can live with Him at the center of your life on a daily basis. As you do this, you find that Jesus Himself becomes the source of your hope, strength and joy.
If you want to learn more about making Jesus the center of your life, read our book, Walk With God

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