Yes, leading change is possible at your church.

Have you ever hesitated making change at your church for fear of rocking the boat too much? Do you think your church’s specific environment isn’t conducive for change? 


When someone brings up making change at your church does your mind immediately think, “Well, you don’t know my church or its people,” and then immediately shut down any bit of hope? 


You’re not alone. And change is possible, you just have to change your perspective. 


Over the past several months, we’ve heard from a number of pastors and church leaders we work with who are struggling with this very issue. And if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that every church, no matter where you’re located or who your people are, is capable of change. 


A number of circumstances forced change on us last year, but how can you prepare your church’s environment and its people for meaningful change? 


There are a couple of options. One, you can wade through chaos and attempt to throw together a plan on your own. But this option can lead to isolation as a church leader, not to mention cause stress and burnout. 


Or, you can choose option two–finding a group of like-minded church leaders where you can be mentored and navigate the new waters together. 


At discipleFIRST, our heart is to see church leaders refocus their mission to making disciples within their own church. Today at 1pm we’re hosting a free one-hour webinar to discuss leading change without losing your job. It’s not too late to register! 

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