Let Us All Come Together to Celebrate Generosity

Let Us All Come Together to Celebrate Generosity

On this Giving Tuesday, we would like for you to consider helping us continue to equip pastors and leaders all over the world by making a financial contribution to discipleFIRST.

Over 2000 year ago, Jesus commanded His disciples to make disciples of all nations. Today, that command is our calling and is what Jesus desperately desires for His church to do. However, the Church has gotten off course and needs to be challenged to come back to His original plan for the Church. Our team at discipleFIRST is committed to igniting disciple-making movements around the globe. Over the next 5 years, we long to see 5,000 ministry leaders equipped to live, lead, and leverage their influence to fuel disciple-making movements. The opportunity has never been greater than right now.

However, we need your help. Would you consider partnering with us in this worthy cause? Would you prayerfully consider making an end of the year financial contribution to discipleFIRST? Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to continue equipping ministry leaders to ignite movements of multiplication.

Your generous donation would enable us to continue equipping ministry leaders across the globe.

A donation of any size will make a huge impact. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for discipleFIRST. We are so thankful for partners like you! May God richly bless you and your family.

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