Moving From No Conversation To Casual Conversation

Moving From No Conversation To Casual Conversation

Are you the kind of person who strikes up conversations with strangers or do you think that’s weird? Maybe you’re the kind of person who would rather do anything other than start a conversation with a stranger. But think about this: If we don’t meet new people and start conversations with them, then how will people hear about Christ?

Every conversation has the potential to be life-changing.

Jesus was a master at turning casual conversations into spiritual conversations. He would meet people where they were and then move the conversation toward spiritual topics. With a few questions and moves, Jesus consistently led his conversation partners into defining moments.
With the woman at the well in Samaria, Jesus began with simple small talk (John 4.4-26 ESV). It was just a casual conversation in which Jesus asked for a drink. When he had her attention, He took the conversation a little deeper by talking about her personal life. Then Jesus goes further and asks about her struggles.
Through the back and forth, the woman is hooked. But she tries to shift the conversation from her own issues to a public debate about the best place to worship. Jesus seizes the moment and goes in a more spiritual direction. When the woman mentions the Messiah, Jesus reveals that He is the Messiah she’s talking about.
Jesus consistently moved discussions from the casual and common to the spiritual and significant. In his conversation with the woman at the well, He guided her through five distinct levels, each more meaningful than the one before it. When you recognize those levels and learn how to move conversations through them, you’ll become more confident about sharing your faith.

Level 1: From No Conversation to Casual Conversation

With the Samaritan woman, Jesus took the risk and started a casual conversation. In His day, men and woman didn’t usually have conversations. This was especially true for Jewish men and Samaritan women. That’s why His disciples were “shocked to find him talking to a woman” (John 4.27 NLT). But Jesus thought the reward was worth the risk.
That risk is where every conversation begins. The other person might respond to you in a negative way. They might cut you off or shut you down. It’s definitely easier to ignore the people around you or just keep scrolling through your phone, but the reward is worth the risk. To start a conversation, you have to start talking.
To start a conversation, it’s easiest to comment on something the other person is doing or wearing. Offering an honest compliment or mentioning a common experience is a great way to make a connection. 
This blog features an excerpt from the Grow Series for Students.

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  1. Craig,
    we have used the adult discover series and I just received the youth grow series, what is the difference??

    1. Much of it is very similar, and that was intentionally, so you can have leaders that can pick up and not have to learn a new tool.T The weekly principles are the same. There have been edits to say the same principles in fewer words. The design of the book also is way more visual and more direct when asking questions and asking for forms to be filled out.

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